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We live in a community that has had our properties targeted for restitution under a land claim.

We need to cover the legal costs of defending the land claim against our properties.

If we can't raise money to supplement our cash on hand already collected by the community members, we will be forced to withdraw our defence and will probably lose our land.

We need the money in the bank by the end of 2019 to be able to issue the legal team the guarantees to appear in March 2020.

The Estimate from the legal team is approximately R1.9Mil, we have some cash on hand and expect to raise some more through membership subscriptions, but will still be considerably short...
Any funds coming in from this platform will be applied to the legal expenses.

Receiving donations will possibly be the difference between a successful defence and losing our land... Many of our members are now pensioners, and some are out of work, so the ability to raise more money within the community is very restricted.

Donations will be going to save the land in the Broederstroom Community. We have already lived for fourteen years with the uncertainty that our land is going to be taken away from us. Finally, after all these years, we have secured a court date to defend the claim, but we could be forced to withdraw if we can't fund the court proceedings.

A number of the community are pensioners and will have nowhere else to live if they lose their land. Your donation will help prevent this

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"The power of the collective is far greater than the power of one"

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