Released - 19 November 2018

Dear members

1. Fourteenth Annual General Meeting

The fourteenth annual general meeting of the Land Claim Action Group will be held on Tuesday, 27 November 2018. The venue is Amanzingwe Bush Lodge and the time is 18h00 for 18h30.  Please advise of any matters that you would like discussed and also forward your nominations for committee members. (Nomination forms are available on the website )

If you are unable to attend the meeting in person then please appoint a proxy. Proxy forms are available on the website under the menu item “DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS”.

2. Power Of Attorney (POA’s)

As at the end of October 2018 LCAG held only 156 valid POA’s. It is essential LCAG has your POA’s in order to be able to represent you in the forthcoming trial.

It is certain that the claimant’s legal team will pick holes in everything in order to avoid, or win, the case. This means they are most likely to check POA’s and, probably, membership status.

The status of your POA is shown on your recently distributed statement in the top right hand corner. If the word “valid” is not showing then you need to:-


POA forms are available on the web site  (No password is required.)

Forward them to:-

(Notes:- A “POA” is a legal document confirming your instruction to the legal team to represent your portion of land in the upcoming court action. One POA required for each portion owned. Where a property is registered in the name of an entity other than a natural person (i.e. a trust, Pty, CC or estate) the POA must be in the name of the registered entity AND a resolution from the entity, confirming that the person signing the POA is empowered to do so, must also be submitted.)

3. Finances/additional funding – a loan and a challenge from a member

The committee has received the following very welcome letter from member Pierre Venter:-

In chatting to Leon the other day on progress being made in closing the funding shortfall for legal costs in our land claim, incoming monies have regrettably been slow and at this stage we can expect a funding shortfall of approximately R860 thousand. Clearly the problem is not going to go away. Whilst the thinking is that the Land Claims Committee will seek funding help from those who have the wherewithal to provide a loan when the matter proceeds to court, to make up so large a funding shortfall is highly improbable. We may therefore well have to abandon our claim.

Given the current land debate, our properties will therefore likely become a target for either expropriation without compensation or expropriation with compensation levels which are way below market value, an untenable position.

Under the circumstances, we need to act now, if we are to protect our properties. I am therefore pledging R10 000 towards the legal costs shortfall and I would like to challenge those of you who are able to do so, to do the same. We still have a few months before the court case and so such a pledge could be made up through several monthly contributions towards such the figure, if you do not have a lump sum.

We have walked the land claim path for the past 16 years and it would be a sad day if we give up now, when matters are finally coming to a head.

Pierre Venter (Hartebeeshoek)

The committee is extremely grateful to Pierre for his support and thoroughly endorses his challenge.


The above matters are updates to the recent previous newsflashes and, for clarity, should be read in conjunction with them.

As a formality I should like to record that the opinions stated above are my own and are made without prejudice to any legal or any other position that may exist insofar as the Broederstroom Land Claim is concerned.


Leon Scholtz




26778 Land Claim Action Group.                                         

Brian Reilly

November, 2018


Our bank account details
26778 Land Claim Committee;
Standard Bank; Van Der Walt Street PTA.
Clearing Code 010145;
Cheque account 410776882.
Please fax deposit slip to 086 656 3016.  Please use your membership number as a reference.

The opinions expressed in this newsletter are my own and do not necessarily represent those of the Committee or of the appointed legal team.

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