Released - 08 February 2019

Dear members

Our day in court”, gets closer, but we are still way behind in our gathering of Power of Attorney’s (POA’s). So far we now have 186 out of 289 properties on record, not to mention the rest of the properties that we haven’t previously represented.

In addition to the phone campaign where we have had small teams phoning individuals which our records reflect still don’t have a valid POA, we are now also running a walk-in campaign, where if you are not sure of your POA status you can go to  Dormehl Phalane Estate Agent next to the Spar between 10:00 am - 14:00 pm, daily till end February 2019.

This will be the last Saturday a table will be outside the Broederstroom Butchery from 09:00 am - 13:00 pm Sat 09 February 2019.

Please use these opportunities to update your membership information and, where necessary, complete a POA. In the case where the property is registered at the deeds office in a company or trust, we will need a resolution from the company to confirm the signature on the POA is duly authorised to sign on behalf of the company or trust.

In the case where the property is in a deceased estate, there is a different POA available, and we will need a copy of the executor's letter to confirm the signature is authorised to represent the land in matters relating to the Land Claim.

Please be reminded that the POA is not linked to your being indebted to the Land Claim Action group. Although our funds are very low, members voted to carry all properties to the trial, so please help us get all the properties represented.

Some members are fully paid-up but don’t have a valid POA, which means we will not be allowed to represent them in the court proceedings. Only represented properties can benefit from any successful judgement as the judgment will be per deed represented before the court.

The status of your POA is shown on your recently distributed statement in the top right-hand corner. If the word “valid” is not showing, then you need to:-

Members are welcome to do this electronically of this method is more suitable.
POA forms are available on the web site     (No password is required.)
Forward them to -

(Notes:- A “POA” is a legal document confirming your instruction to the legal team to represent your portion of land in the upcoming court action. One POA required for each portion owned. Where a property is registered in the name of an entity other than a natural person (i.e. a trust, Pty, CC or estate) the POA must be in the name of the registered entity AND a resolution from the entity, confirming that the person signing the POA is empowered to do so, must also be submitted.)


Our bank account details
26778 Land Claim Committee; Standard Bank; Van Der Walt Street PTA.
Clearing Code 010145; Cheque account 410776882.
Please fax the deposit slip to 086 656 3016.  Please use your membership number as a reference.

The opinions expressed in this newsletter are my own and do not necessarily represent those of the Committee or of the appointed legal team.

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