Released - 11 November 2019

Urgent Notice

To all residents in the 26778 Land claim area.

Our Legal team has informed us, that, the state announced that as from tomorrow, 12 November 2019, they will be visiting properties in the Land claim area in preparation for our court hearing in March 2020.

Confirming the state's lack of capacity, they have appointed a private company to undertake these inspections. Their focus would appear to establish properties that are not restorable for restitution.

LCAG legal team has advised them to notify us in time before visiting any properties, in order for us to arrange proper permission with the property owners to facilitate such visits.

So far, no arrangements have been made.

Denying them entry may most likely only serve to delay/frustrate the court proceedings.

LCAG has advised them they need the owner or a representative to accompany them in all cases.

Should you have any problems and you are a member of LCAG feel free to contact us.

We will update you when more information becomes available.

Please share with all neighbours and members not having regular access to their e-mail or perhaps not on this list.

Kind regards


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26778 Land Claim Committee; Standard Bank; Van Der Walt Street PTA.
Clearing Code 010145; Cheque account 410776882.
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The opinions expressed in this newsletter are my own and do not necessarily represent those of the Committee or of the appointed legal team.

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